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On this site I will collect longer articles that relates to different areas of interest. I hope it can help others as well.


Trying to learn more about best practices in different fields and specifically Computer Science I stubled over The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master book a few years ago. Already before that I was looking for tools and methods to deal with different problems. In the spirit of the book I have tried to write documentation to my different projects, to help my self remember and to improve my writing.

After starting my own webserver 2007 one goal was always to put up some of the writings online, to make them availible for everybody. In reading the book Coders at Work, the question of how you define software development resurfaced. Software Development: Art, Craft, or Science. For me it is a Craft and I will contiue to sharpen my axe, and learn new methods to solve problems.

If the experience plays out well I will contiune to try to publish good articles on the site http://article.tree.se/. I will not provide means to comment on the articles in a blog fashion. Too often I have seen abuse of comments and I have no time to police such a model. If you have improvements to the articles feel free to send the author an email. The email address should be published in the article.